Current News- TAMC is in the process of adding a HOME DELIVERY SERVICE to our website for our customers to be able to order their prescriptions and foods online and have them mail to you directly.  Please keep an eye out for this upcoming service to you.  As soon as the site has been set up we will place a link on our website for you to be able to order online.



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New Products

Our clinic is currently offering rattlesnake vaccinations (please call the clinic for deatails)

Comfortis is now available for cats- comfortis is a flea preventative in pill form. Call our clinic for availability.


Success Stories

*Our case this week is about a kitty named Audrey. She was in labor but could not have her kittens. She had an infection in the uterus determined from the examination and blood work that could have easily killed her. I recommended an emergency spay to get the infected uterus out of Audrey and give her the best chance of survival. IV fluids were started and injections were given to ready her for surgery. One hour later, the surgery was performed. The uterus had a double twist in it preventing any kitten from moving throughthe uterus and no chance of being born. The 4 kittnes had decayed in the uterus causing the infection. The entire uterus was removed along with the poor kittens and Audrey was sutured up and went to recovery in the ICU ward. She recovered nicely and went home 2 days later with antibiotics. Thankfully, Audrey and her owners will never have to fear this probem again.


The moral of the story is to please spay and neuter your pet at an early age (3-6 months) to prevent unwanted pregnancies, deadly infections, cancers that feed off horomones, and the spread of disease.





*Recently our clinic was contacted by an aminal rescue organization and asked to treat and accomidate an unfortunate puppy while a home was found. The puppy's name was Valerie. We diagnosed her as having demodectic mange, intestinal paracites-roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and she was extremely malnurished. Valerie stayed with us several days, until a suitable home was found for her. All of the staff enjoyed the time that she spent with us and her recovery.

We hope you're happy in your new home Valerie!